BCS Agile Foundations - Principles, Practices and Frameworks©

Official textbook for the BCS Foundation Certification in Agile

Agile practices transform the way organisations carry out business and respond to change. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the core values and principles of Agile methodologies, practices and frameworks. It is aimed at those wanting to gain an understanding of what Agile is about and apply it in their organisations, from business leaders and managers to software testers, developers, product owners and business analysts.

  • Offers a generic understanding of Agile approaches
  • Includes a comprehensive overview of the major Agile frameworks
  • Textbook for the BCS Foundation Certificate in Agile


...particularly important for those considering adopting Agile as it allows informed decisions to be made and ensures the syle of Agile chosen actually fits with the culture and constraints of the organisation where it will be used.

Mary Henson, CEO, DSDM Consortium

This book outlines a pragmatic view across all Agile frameworks. Its approach is at the heart of how we continually evolve the delivery and cultural effectiveness of our organisation.

Andrew Lee, Managing Director, William Hill Online


About the Authors

This book has been written by a team of world-class Agile practitioners and business transformation consultants, all of whom either work or have worked with Radtac, combining hundreds of years of Agile experience. Peter Measey (lead author and editor) is CEO of Radtac and has been supporting organisations worldwide to implement Agile since 1994.


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